A home lift is an exciting combination of luxury and comfort. We place great emphasis on design and freedom of choice. You can choose between lift models, size, colour, platform floor material, lighting and different types of glass or stainless steel. This means your lift will suit your home just as well as your sofa or be a sensational home furnishing feature to be proud of. Once your lift is installed you'll realize it's your home's coolest piece of furniture – practical and good looking, too. Good design and styling also have the power to change life for the better.

Statistics show that in the same way a balcony or fireplace will increase the value of an apartment, the value of a house increases when a home lift is installed. This seems pretty logical to us. A lift makes it possible for all kinds of people to live and feel at home there, and the home becomes attractive to a greater range of purchasers. As a bonus, a lift is an exclusive, stylish feature that adds luxury and distinction to the home. What's more, a lift will not take up a great deal of space and it allows for a more versatile floor plan. You could for example dispense with the narrow, steep cellar staircase in your split-level house and replace it with a simple, convenient home lift. Not just an attractive proposition for you, but also for those beginning to get on in years and the parents of curious young children.

We supply the market's smallest lifts. They take up no more space than a wardrobe. Our home lifts are therefore small enough to fit into any home you like. Thanks to our smart design hardly any extra space is needed beneath or around the lift. The lift can be installed directly on top of an ordinary floor with a small ramp, or in a 50 mm recess so that the lift stops in level with the floor.

Because home lifts barely take up more space than the lift itself only minor intrusions are necessary. Well, we do need to make a hole between floors! But no holes or shafts are required in the ground floor beneath the lift, and no extra space is required above or beside the lift for a large machinery space as with conventional lifts. Many other types of lifts use hydraulics, which means oil. We use worm gear technology instead, which means you don't have to worry about major oil leaks if something should go wrong. Installing a home lift is quick and simple. It usually only takes 2-3 days for our certified installers to install your home lift. During this time they assemble the self-supporting shaft, install the lift, connect power and emergency telephone and perform a safety inspection so that you can begin using your lift immediately.

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