Spiral Staircases are a popular solution for homes that do not offer a great deal of space, as they are generally quite compact. However, many people buy them because their design allows them to create an excellent focus point that is bold and daring. 

Spiral Staircases have a long history, with the earliest known dating back to around 480 BC.

What defines a Spiral Staircase?
It is important not to confuse a Spiral Staircase with Circular or Helical Staircases. In basic terms, a Spiral Staircase rotates around a newel, with a bannister around the outside edge. As a result Spiral Staircases will have a very small tread (the part that the foot stands on), close to the newel. Circular and Helical Staircase have a consistently sized tread, and benefit from having bannisters on both sides. 

Available in a variety of materials and designs, Spiral Staircases are guaranteed to looking stunning, whether you are looking to make a bold statement with contrasting colours or something a bit more traditional.

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