Underlay for laminate flooring, vinyl, solid wood and engineered wood with types including sound and thermal. 


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  • Elka Dual Lay Underlay with VPB Vapour Proof Barrier 15m2

    Elka Dual Lay Underlay with VPB Vapour Proof Barrier 15m2

    Elka DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) Underlay is suitable for underfloor heating, and can be used with laminate, real wood engineered flooring. The Elka DPM Underlay includes a laminated damp proof membrane back for use on concrete ground floor installations...
  • Elka Underlay 15m2

    Elka Underlay 15m2

    Elka Underlay is designed to protect and secure your floor. It comes in a handy lightweight 15m2 roll and is ideal for use with laminate and real wood engineered flooring.
  • Quick Step Uniclic Green Underlay 15m2 Quick Step Uniclic Green Underlay 15m2

    Quick Step Uniclic Green Underlay 15m2

    The Quick Step Uniclic Plus underlay reduces reflection sound which is the sound that you hear when you walk across the floor. The Uniclic Plus underlay is ideal for rooms with less traffic
  • Floor Protector Double Barrier Double Overlap 3 x 1000mm x 15m

    Floor Protector Double Barrier Double Overlap 3 x 1000mm x 15m

    Your floors may be a source of pride, but liquids can destroy them and cause damage to your interior furnishings. With a vapour barrier on both sides, the Barrier Plus Underlay is protected against moisture that would otherwise rise into your flooring,...
  • Timbertech Original Underlay 3 x 1000 x 10,000mm

    It is one of the highest quality room acoustic insulation materials on the market. Timbertech Original is thinner and much denser than inferior alternatives so keeps floor height to a minimum.
  • White Acoustic Underlay 2000 x 1000 x 15,000mm

    White Acoustic Underlay 2000 x 1000 x 15,000mm

    Acoustic White is the ideal floor underlay that is equally suited to domestic use and commercial properties. The product offers excellent thermal properties whilst offering both shock and sound insulation. The product is lightweight ensuring ease of use...


At Howarth, we offer a wide selection of flooring underlays which are available for all installations, whether you want to use vinyl, engineered timber or laminate flooring.

Underlay is a very important choice when choosing the right flooring, because it can have a huge effect on the final appearance, the feel underfoot and the overall quality of the floor - whether that’s adding sound, levelling, or thermal properties.

You should take the time to think about the needs of your floor, and the overall type of underlay you will need. Questions such as if your floors are even or uneven? Is the floor upstairs or downstairs? Do you need something that is more affordable or high-end? Are you looking to reduce sound? Do you want to protect against damp? Thankfully, we offer both laminate flooring underlay and wood floor underlay, so you have a wider choice to decide on once you decide the reason as to why you want an underlay for your property’s flooring.

For further information and expert advice on types of underlays, please contact your friendly local Howarth branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is underlay?
Underlay is usually worked out per square metre, and you can be paying anywhere between £2-£8 for each square metre, depending on where you buy your underlay from and how good the quality of the products is. There is also the cost of installation to consider.
How much underlay do I need?
As a rule, we suggest buying as much as or more than you need. If your room is about 350 square feet, you will probably want to buy four rolls of 100 square foot underlayment.
Which way up does underlay go?
Rubber underlay should go face-down so the rubber is against the floor and the backing faces up. Foam underlay should also be face-down, with the coloured film on the floor and the backing face up.