Garden Structures

Make your garden special

Garden structures are a great addition to any garden, no matter what your tastes and needs are. Not only do they look amazing in your garden, but they also allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in new ways all year round. At Howarth, we have a wide variety of garden structures on offer.


Wooden garden structures, such as arches, feature lattice or trellis and are designed to encourage the growth of climbing plants to create fantastic focal points in your garden that you can pass through. They are ideal for adding attractive entry points into different sections of your outdoor space.


Arbours are similar in design to an arch, but arbours differ in that they have a back and feature seating that is typically built in. Climbing plants can also be encouraged to grow to create the perfect secluded area for reading, taking time to yourself, or simply enjoying your outdoor space.


Gazebos are the perfect place to spend time outdoors as they are a roofed structure with sides, some of which may be filled with lattice, and a large opening at the front. Gazebos are widely popular and are generally fun and light with included built-in seating.


Pavilions are roofed structures without walls, ideal for al fresco dining and entertaining friends or family. The corners of a pavilion are great for adding decorations, including lighting, to create an intimate area that matches your personality and tastes. Pavilions are available with or without matching decks.


Pergolas offer coverage to larger areas such as walkways, or even can be used to create a unique outdoor dining area. The design of a pergola’s roof can be left as standard to allow light in, or plants to grow around the timbers for an interesting focal point.

Timber garden structures, such as timber greenhouses that are part constructed from timber, are the traditional choice over metal or plastic ones, and are ideal for avid gardeners looking to grow fruit and vegetables. Timber greenhouses allow you to control the overall climate that is required to grow produce using a variety of components including glass panels and the floor.


For further information and expert advice regarding different garden structures, please contact your friendly local Howarth branch.