VELUX Roof Windows

VELUX roof windows have a huge range of styles such as centre pivot windows, top hung and white painted. Choose from solar powered, electric and more. 


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  • Velux White Painted Roof Window Velux White Painted Roof Window

    Velux White Painted Roof Window

    The VELUX Centre Pivot White Laminated roof window has an uValue of 1.3 and laminated glazing. By increasing the pane area by 18%, VELUX has improved their generating characteristics to bring in more daylight. The profile has slimmed down, allowing for...
  • Velux White Painted Integra Velux White Painted Integra

    Velux White Painted Integra

    £499.20 - £725.60 (Ex VAT)
    £599.04 - £870.72 (Inc VAT)
    Velux extensions, Velux loft conversions, and home renovations benefit from ELUX white-painted INTEGRA Electric Windows. The VELUX White Painted INTEGRA Electric Windows are a market-leading roof window that are manufactured with cutting-edge technology...

VELUX Roof Windows

Which VELUX roof window to choose?

Follow the step by step guide below to help you decide which VELUX roof window you require.

  1. Size: There are a wide range of sizes and combinations available for VELUX roof windows so the first thing you need to do is pick the size you require and in the table below you will see the corresponding code of the roof window you need. Howarth provide a huge variety of VELUX roof window sizes and types from electric roof windows to VELUX Integra flat roof windows so picking the size at this point is incredibly important and will make a big difference to the light in your room.
An image showing the VELUX window size in a table.
  1. Top or Bottom operated. Choose which way you would like the window to be hung from the outward design.
    • Centre Pivot (Standard): A top control bar makes it easy to open even with furniture under the window. Windows can be rotated 180 degrees for cleaning. They are available in manual, electric or solar operation. Centre Pivot is suitable for roof pitches between 15 degrees and 90 degrees.
    • Top Hung: Top Hung Velux Windows can be opened at any position up to 45 degrees and open outwards for an unobstructed view. Top hung windows include a bottom handle for windows that is within easy reach. Suitable for roof pitches between 15 degrees and 55 degrees.
  2. Control Mode: Select the operation method. If your roof window should be placed out-of-reach or if you want ultimate comfort, the remote-controlled VELUX INTEGRA roof window is the answer but we also offer manual roof windows and solar powered roof windows as well.
    • Manual (Standard): for roof windows that are within easy reach.
    • Solar Powered - Open and close with the pre-paired wall switch which is ideal for out of reach windows. There’s no need to plug into a power supply, making installation even quicker and easier. The PV solar cell is on the external window frame and there is a rain sensor pre-fitted which will close the window automatically when it starts to rain.
    • Electric: Open and close with just one touch of the pre-paired wall switch; ideal for roof windows that are out of reach. It's easy to install and just plugs into a power supply. It is also pre-fitted with a rain sensor to automatically close if it rains.
  3. Finish: Select the roof window finish that you require.
    • White Painted (Standard): This finish is perfect for modern interiors and is painted before assembly for a flawless finish. There is lower maintenance with white painted windows when comparing to the pine finish roof windows. The window is produced from a high-quality certified grain. The resistance on the window is highly UV resistant to preserve look.
    • White Polyurethane: Perfect for contemporary interiors and ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. The finish on the White Polyurethane windows are moisture resistant and require less maintenance than pine. The roof windows are made from a high quality moulded polyurethane with an insulated timber core.
    • Pine Finish: Ideal for a traditional interior. High quality natural pine with a protective triple-coat, clear lacquer finish.
  4. Glazing Options: VELUX glazing can add extra protection and noise reduction to a roof window. Choose which glazing:
    • Safety (--70) Standard: Laminated Inner pane for safety and toughened outer pane. The u-value is 1.3 W/m2K
    • Standard plus (--68): Triple glazed, laminated inner pane. Includes rain noise reduction. The u-value is 11 W/m2k
    • Extra Low Energy (--66): Triple glazed with a laminated inner pane. Excellent level of thermal insulation. Easy to clean feature and anti-dew coating. U-value is 1.0W/m2k.
    • Extra noise reduction (--62): Triple Glazed Unit Triple glazed unit and excellent level of sound reduction/thermal insulation. Anti-dew coating to eliminate external condensation. U-value is 0.81 W/m2K
    • Enhanced Security (70Q)
  5. Window Flashings: VELUX provide a range of roof flashing options to suit your roofing material. Flashing kits are integrated perfectly into the roofing material, meaning your window is completely weathertight.
    • EDW Tile flashing (Standard): For tiles up to 120mm in profile. Also suitable for pitched roof windows between 15 – 90 degrees.
    • EDP Plain Tile: for plain tiles up to 14mm thick. Also suitable for roof pitches between 25 – 90 degrees.
    • EDL slate flashing: for slate up to 8mm thick. Suitable for roof pitches 15 – 90 degrees.
    • EDJ recessed tile flashing: Sleek and streamlined finish and installed deeper into the roof structure. Installed deeper into the roof structure. Suitable for roof pitch 20 – 90 degrees. For recessed installation in tiles up to 90mm in profile. If using this recessed flashing kit with GPU electric top-hung roof windows, profile set ZWP is also required.
    • EDN recessed slate flashing: For recessed installation in slate up to 8mm thick. Sleek and streamlined finish. Installed deeper into the roof structure. Suitable for roof pitch 20 – 90 degrees. If using this recessed flashing kit with GPU electric top-hung roof windows, profile set ZWP is also required.

These are the 6 stages to help you decide which roof window you require. If you need more information, please use these guides, videos and downloads to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for a Velux window?
Generally, there isn’t a need to apply for planning permission for Velux windows.
How much are Velux windows?
Velux windows cost anywhere between £300-£1100, depending on the size.
How much do Velux windows cost?
The labour costs to fit Velux windows will range from £300-£400 per day, which will be an extra addition to the cost of the windows.
How long do Velux windows last?
Velux windows are guaranteed to last for 10 years.
How do I find my Velux window code?
You can easily find the Velux window codes on the top right-hand edge of the roof window when you open it.
How do I know what Velux window I have?
You can match up your Velux window code alongside a data plate, which will tell you the type of window it is and the window size.
How secure are Velux windows?
Velux windows has some of the highest burglary resistance on the roof window market.
How to measure for a Velux window?
When measuring, always think width x height, and take your measurements from the outside of your house.