Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards create a barrier between your timber fencing and wet ground to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface of the timber into the core, which can cause rot and decay over time and shorten the fencing’s lifespan. By lifting the fencing off the ground using concrete gravel boards, you increase the lifespan of your fencing, saving you time and money.


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  • Concrete Fence Rock Face Gravel Board 305 x 50 x 1830mm Concrete Fence Rock Face Gravel Board 305 x 50 x 1830mm

    Concrete Fence Rock Face Gravel Board 305 x 50 x 1830mm

    Steel reinforced concrete rock face base panels (sometimes referred to as gravel boards) are a decorative panel to fit under wooden fences to prevent contact with the ground (rotting) or to keep back soil on different levels. However, they can also be...
  • Concrete Fence Base Panel Plain Face 1830 x 150 x 50mm

    Concrete Fence Base Panel Plain Face 1830 x 150 x 50mm

    £10.80 - £18.50 (Ex VAT)
    £12.96 - £22.20 (Inc VAT)
    A Plain Face Base Panel is a gravel board that is placed at the bottom of your fencing, creating a barrier in between the fence and the ground, so as to prevent moisture rising through the timbers of the fencing and causing damage. The Panel will help to...

Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards are a long-term cost-effective method of improving the longevity of your fence panels. They are very easy to install and raise your fence panels off the ground; helping you to reduce the risk of moisture damage such as rot and decay that would otherwise be caused by damp or wet ground.

At Howarth, we offer a wide variety of weights and sizes for both plain and rock-faced concrete gravel boards. This gives you more options, allowing you to choose the correct size and weight for your garden project. Our popular Plain Face Base Panel boards, are sold in two sizes. The first being the 305mm x 50mm x 1830mm, weighing in at 34kg. For the second option, the board measures at 1830mm x 150mm x 50mm. We also stock high-quality rock-faced concrete gravel boards, available at 05mm x 50mm x 1830mm.

Before purchasing our gravel boards, enter your postcode to check live stock levels at your closest branch. If you are unsure which gravel board is the best choice for you, please contact your local friendly Howarth branch for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drill concrete fence posts and gravel boards?
Yes, you can drill through concrete gravel boards using drilling tools designed for heavy-duty work such as hammer drill and masonry drill bits.
What size concrete fence post should I use for a 6ft fence with gravel board?
The size of the concrete fence post depends on the depth of the hole required. A good rule of thumb is to dig the hole to the depth of 1/3 the height of the fence to allow for the concrete gravel board and the height of the fencing panel. For example, a 6ft fence would require a 2ft deep hole. This means you’ll need an 8ft concrete fence post.