Timber is at the very heart of what we do, and our wide range of treated timber and sheet materials has something to suit all projects, both structural and non-structural. From softwood carcassing to hardwood, cladding to fencing, and everything in between, our timber range has something for every type of project and every taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is carcassing timber?
Carcassing timber is normally used to refer to timbers processed for use in structural applications, for example, roof battens, floor joists and studwork for partitioned walls.
What is PSE timber?
PSE is a machined, square edged section of timber which is normally used where a neat, clean finish is required.
What is treated timber?
Treated timber is wood that’s been infused with chemicals to fend off decay and destructive bugs.
Can timber be recycled?
Yes, wood is recyclable. Wood is usually accepted at local household waste recycling centres and wood recycling establishments.

How to guides

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Timber industry faces shortages in 2021

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Types of Timber

Timber is popular thanks to its many uses and attractive appearance – plus, as a recyclable and renewable resource, it’s an environmentally responsible choice. Our range includes a type of timber to suit all projects:

  • Sheet materials, including plywood, chipboard, OSB and MDF, are engineered timber suitable for projects including flooring, panelling and crates.
  • Structural softwood carcassing timber is slow-grown and strength-graded timber suitable for floor joists, roof rafters, timber framing and other structural uses.
  • Roofing battens are small sections of sawn treated timber to which roofing tiles and shingles are fixed.
  • Mouldings include skirting boards, rails, floorboards and every aspect of a door frame, including architrave, casings and linings. Scant and CLS are ideal for frame panels or cavity fillers.
  • Standard or decorative fencing panels provide privacy and security, and we have a range of styles to suit all tastes.
  • Decking can be used to create a relaxing area of the garden or as an alternative to paving.
  • Timber sleepers are perfect for building raised beds or garden steps.
  • PSE timber (planed square edge timber) is ideal for furnishing or other general construction applications in which a nice finish is preferred.
  • Hardwood timber is strong, resilient and weather resistant, ideal for cladding and mouldings. Cladding can be used as an outer layer to protect walls from elements, or for interiors such as bathrooms and poolsides to protect from high moisture levels.

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