Nails are used in construction to strengthen and support timber. Howarth have a variety of types available such as round, oval, lost head, ring shank and clout. Browse our selection of nails online, or contact your local friendly Howarth team for help and advice. 


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  • Dalepax Panel Pins 100g

    Dalepax Panel Pins 100g

    Ideal for small, decorative applications such as attaching mouldings or hardboard backings to draws or wardrobes. Pin heads can be easily covered to ensure a crisp finish.
  • Dalepax Veneer Pins

    Dalepax Veneer Pins

    Veneer pins are perfect for lightweight, decorative purposes.


At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we have a range of nails available including;

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Lost Head
  • Ring Shank
  • Clout

Frequently Asked Questions

How to countersink deck screws
To countersink deck screws, you can purchase a kit that comes with a pilot bit, countersink bit and screwdriver.