Dado Rail

Dado rail is a type of moulding that is fit around the room, typically around the middle/lower part of the wall. It is a decorative moulding and a great feature to have in any room. Dado rail comes in different sizes such as 25mm x 75mm and 25mm x 50mm.


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  • Timber Picture Rail Redwood FSC 20 x 44mm

    Timber Picture Rail Redwood FSC 20 x 44mm

    The 25 x 50mm Picture Rail is a piece of moulding that fits around the length of a wall, roughly seven feet above the ground. Unlike most mouldings, which are generally for aesthetic purposes, the Picture Rail is functional, as paintings and picture...
  • Timber Dado Rail Patt DU Redwood FSC 20 x 69mm

    Timber Dado Rail Patt DU Redwood FSC 20 x 69mm

    Timber Dado Rails are traditionally used at a mid-term height on inside walls to preserve the surfaces from the wear and strain of ordinary life. They can also be added to create a stylish border or horizontal divide.

Dado Rail

What is a dado rail?

Dado rail, sometimes referred to as chair rail, is a strip of moulding that is fitted to a wall horizontally. Wooden dado rail height typically sits at a height of 750mm to 1500mm from the floor.

Howarth Timber and Building Supplies offer a range of decorative wooden dado rail profiles online for collection or delivery from your local branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between dado rail and picture rail?
Dado rail runs around the lower to the middle of the wall, whereas a picture rail runs across the top of the wall. Picture rail normally runs at or around the height of the door frame.