Foil Insulation

Foil insulation can be installed in many rooms such as roofs, walls, floors and garden buildings. There are many benefits to foil insulation such as being a great space saver and has brilliant thermal performance. Read below to find out more benefits about installing foil insulation.


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  • TLX Silver Multi-Foil Insulation Roll 1.2 x 10m

    TLX Silver Multi-Foil Insulation Roll 1.2 x 10m

    TLX silver is a thin, flexible multi-foil insulation that is easy to handle and fast to fit. It is the first fully-registered multi-foil insulation that is air and vapour tight and saves space in loft conversions.

Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is often overlooked as an energy efficient form of insulation, which ultimately offers excellent thermal performance. As it is sold as an insulation foil roll, it is thin and easy to install. It is also manufactured from multi-layer insulation materials, including wadding and reflective foil.

Foil insulation is suitable for use in a variety of areas, but most specifically for floors, roofs, and walls. As such, it can make a big difference in the performance of your home.

There are a lot of benefits for choosing high-performance multi-foil as your thermal insulation solution. Such as with condensation - many insulation products experience ‘cold bridging’, which is where a gap occurs in the insulation creating cool spots and encourages the appearance of condensation. With multi foil insulation, the risk of cold bridging is greatly reduced. This is because of the stitching that is used in manufacturing, which allows it to act as a vapour barrier, and is key to ensuring that your home remains free of contaminants like mould.

A recommended product is Super Quilt insulation, which is designed to reduce cold bridging and reduce heat build-up in summer months. It is also non-degradable, ensuring it to have a long-life. This allows the product to maintain an ongoing thermal performance for a long time once placed in your home.

Foil insulation takes up a small amount of space, which is ideal for new build houses, refurbishments, and loft conversions where space is limited and may not be practical for other types of insulation.

Multi-foil insulation has high thermal resistance at its core. This means that it will keep the cold out during the winter, whilst keeping it cool during the summer - which is an amazing quality for insulation to have as it makes it adaptable for long-term. Multifoil roll acts as thermal insulation, which is made up of many layers of sheets, foils and insulating materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does foil insulation work?
Foil insulation is generally made by backing a layer of foil with paper or plastic This combination acts effectively to protect against the heat created by radiation. As the name suggests, reflective foil uses its surface to send the heat back.

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