Levels & Lines

Spirit levels are an essential part of both professional and DIY tool kits to ensure surfaces, brickwork and objects are straight and level. Our range includes shock resistant and magnetic variations in all sizes to suit any job, and is available to order online for home delivery or to click and collect from your local Howarth Timber branch.

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Levels & Lines

Chalk lines are used for quickly and accurately marking straight guidelines on flat surfaces during brick laying and other construction jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure slope with a spirit level?
Take note of where the bubble is inside the spirit tube. If it’s centered between the lines on the tube, your object is level. If the bubble is to the right of the lines, your object slopes downward right-to-left. If the bubble is to the left of the lines, your object slopes downward left-to-right.
How to fill a chalk line?
To fill a chalk line, pour the chalk and tap the bottom of the tool against your hand or a tabletop to help the chalk settle. Repeat this step until the tool is full. Once full, extend the line as far as it will go and then wind it back in. Give the chalk line a shake and repeat a few times to evenly coat the entirety of the line.
How to use a combination square?
Place the shoulder of the square against the edge of the working surface you wish to cut. Draw a line along the blade edge until your pencil reaches the shoulder of the combination square. Once completed, the line should be a perfect 45-degree angle with the edge of the working surface.
How to get a string line level?
Find a length of string and two wooden stakes, tie one end of string to a wooden stake and hammer it into the ground at the highest elevation in the area. Hammer in the second stake across the area you want levelled. Then, pull the string across and tie the other end to the second wooded stake loosely. Place the line level on string within eyeshot.