Surface Water Drainage

Surface water drainage protects your property from rainwater and is drained away. Products include steel grating, manhole covers, vertical outlets, brickslot channels and much more. 

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Surface Water Drainage

What is surface water drainage?

Surface water drainage occurs when rainwater falls onto a property and drains away. We do not want to increase the risk of rainwater draining into a public sewer, so at Howarth, we offer a wide range of Civils products to purchase to prevent this from happening, such as manhole covers, drain channels and reinforcement mesh.

Manhole covers are used to create an easier access to underground drainage systems, while also ensuring animals, humans and unwanted materials are kept out. It is essential that manhole covers are up to a high standard, mainly because of how they are placed in the middle of paved roads and areas. Due to the resilient material of Howarth’s manhole covers, they are strong enough to be able to hold a lot of weight, such as vehicular traffic.

Drain channels are installed to support the removal of water from roads, driveways, and other paved areas, to prevent the risk of puddles from forming. ACO rain drain is a renowned supplier for drain channels, as their drain channels are designed to provide surface water drainage for a range of both domestic and light duty traffic applications. Reinforcement mesh is necessary in preventing excess water from draining away, as the mesh is used with steel. So, by adding the reinforcement, it will help to strengthen the overall structure.

If you are interested in purchasing any surface water drainage products, or are just seeking further advice, please contact your local friendly Howarth branch.

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