Timber Connectors

Timber connectors are used to transfer loads in heavy timber for structural efficiency, making them an essential part of many building projects. Our range of timber connectors, truss clips, nail plates and joist struts are made from galvanised steel for strength.

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Timber Connectors

Our steel connector plates make it possible to connect timbers without using nails or additional accessories, and they provide extra strength to timber joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are nailing plates required?
Nail plates should be installed on both sides of the wall stud to protect both sides of the wiring.
How to fit truss clips?
Before fitting truss clips, make sure that your area is prepared. Then, saw the truss, making sure that everything is the perfect shape and length. After that, arrange the trusses by laying them on free ground, making sure that all connections fit properly at the desired places. Once you’ve done that, secure the joints and start nailing them with the top plate, making sure they’re secure so that they don’t fall. Make sure all the joints are secured perfectly and provide proper support.
What are truss clips used for?
Truss clips attach girders, trusses, and rafters to wall plates to provide wind restraint.