Bricks are a staple product for most building projects, usually installed using mortar to create walls and building structures. Choose from our huge stock of bricks, or we can quickly source a suitable brick to match pre-existing structures through our brick matching service.


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  • Facing Brick Civic Multi Carlton 73mm

    Facing Brick Civic Multi Carlton 73mm

    73mm Carlton civic facing bricks are manufactured from locally sourced Yorkshire clay. They are strong and durable making them perfect for new buildings, extensions, and renovation work. These civic-facing bricks are an attractive red block that looks...
  • Heather Sandfaced Brick

    Heather Sandfaced Brick

    £1.03 - £1.23 each (Ex VAT)
    £1.24 - £1.48 each (Inc VAT)
    This facing brick in Heather is an aesthetically pleasing brick with purple and red hues. This brick is sandfaced, meaning that when it was shaped in a mold, it was then sprinkled with sand to prevent it from sticking. This gives it a textured surface...
  • Civic Red Brick Carlton Clayburn 73mm Civic Red Brick Carlton Clayburn 73mm

    Civic Red Brick Carlton Clayburn 73mm

    Civic red bricks are a red-coloured, light-textured wire cut clay Facing Brick. These are high-quality bricks, perfect for external building faces. Occasionally there can be a lead time on bricks from the manufacturer. If this is the case, we will let...
  • Tradesman Heather Facing Brick 65mm

    Heather Facing Bricks offer a warm and attractive colour with each brick offering a different reddish-brown tone to create a unique effect. The bricks are a durable choice that are suitable for use in most masonry jobs.
  • Airbrick Terracotta

    Airbrick Terracotta

    Airbricks are essential for the ventilation of areas with gas-fired appliances. The Terracotta Airbricks are suitable for building into cavity walls, so as to create ventilation. The bricks include a grille with water deflectors that are designed to keep...
  • Square Hole Airbrick Buff Clay

    Square Hole Airbrick Buff Clay

    £6.66 - £13.74 each (Ex VAT)
    £7.99 - £16.49 each (Inc VAT)
  • Airbrick Buff

    Airbrick Buff

    The Airbrick is a quality building product that will allow you to air-ventilate your gas appliance in your property. It is designed to be placed within cavity walls as well as underfloor voids, with its main purpose being to offer ventilation. The...
  • Square Hole Airbrick Buff Clay 215mm x 65mm

    Square Hole Airbrick Buff Clay 215mm x 65mm

    215x65mm square hole airbricks provide wall ventilation in order to prevent damp from developing. These terracotta bricks are suitable for mounting in walls and suspended ground floors, they are ideal for new buildings or renovation work.
  • Facing Brick Blue Staffordshire Slate Smooth 65mm

    Facing Brick Blue Staffordshire Slate Smooth 65mm

    Offering a stunning blue colour, these Facing Bricks in Staffordshire Slate offer a smooth, attractive surface that creates a beautiful appearance. Naturally durable, these strong bricks are suitable for use in most masonry applications.
  • Facing Brick Carlton Red Rustic 65mm

    Facing Brick Carlton Red Rustic 65mm

    65mm Carlton Red Rustic Brick is made from clay that has been locally sourced in Yorkshire. The vibrant colour and rough texture create a striking facing brick, while maintaining the strength and durability expected from a facing brick. This brick is...
  • Facing Brick Red Carlton Weathered 215mm x 73mm

    Facing Brick Red Carlton Weathered 215mm x 73mm

    The Carlton Weathered Red Brick is a Facing Brick that is crafted from locally sourced Yorkshire Clay. The attractive colouring and weathered effect makes this a great choice for external walls.


Bricks are an integral part of most building projects; they are installed with mortar to create the brickwork for a building or wall. Typically, they are manufactured from sand, clay, lime, iron oxide, and magnesia, and then fired in a kiln.

Types of bricks

Here at Howarth, we carry approx. three-quarters of a million bricks at any one time, including:

Facing Bricks
Facing Bricks are manufactured to have an attractive appearance, designed to be seen, and therefore are a popular choice for external walls of commercial and domestic properties.

Engineered Bricks
Engineered Bricks are stronger and less porous than Facing Bricks, making them an excellent choice where strength is more important than appearance. These bricks are ideal for retaining walls.

Common Bricks
Common Bricks are bricks designed to be functional and hardy, capable of withstanding harsh conditions including freezing temperatures. These are often red bricks as the colour is not controlled, allowing the red pigment to pull through from the iron content in the clay. Common bricks are suitable for above and below ground installation.

Our range of bricks are available in a wide variety of colours, textures, and brick dimensions. We also offer an excellent brick matching service to ensure that you get the bricks that you are looking for and compliment any bricks already installed.

Why use a brick matching service?

Brick choice is very important as although it may not be the first thing people look for, they are a big part of the overall first impression when looking at the exterior of a building. Our brick matching service may be particularly useful in the following scenarios:

Extension work: When constructing an extension to an already in place building, it is important for the new bricks to match the existing bricks for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Renovation work: There are times when you may need to replace bricks, for example when repairing a wall. Similarly to building an extension, it is important for the new bricks to blend with the bricks around them for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Local architecture: Some areas of the UK require new buildings to compliment buildings already in place, a large part of this is often the bricks use to construct a building.

For help and advice, or to make use of our brick matching service, get in touch with your friendly local Howarth branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are engineering bricks?
Engineering bricks are a type of brick used where strength, low water porosity or acid resistance are needed. They have high compressive strength and low water absorption.