Planting & Composters

Garden planters are made from high quality timber. Most of ours are pressure treated and come with a guarantee, they’re low maintenance with no hassle. There are many styles, designs and sizes to choose from.


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  • Forest Garden Kitchen Garden Planter Forest Garden Kitchen Garden Planter

    Forest Garden Kitchen Garden Planter

    £82.66 - £123.99 each (Ex VAT)
    £99.19 - £148.79 each (Inc VAT)
    The Forest Garden Kitchen Garden Planter is made with the ideal planting depth for growing salads and herbs. Due to the planter's relatively small footprint and elegant form, it can be placed conveniently at a back door or on a balcony. It will look...
  • Forest Garden Linear Corner Planter Forest Garden Linear Corner Planter

    Forest Garden Linear Corner Planter

    £135.53 - £254.37 each (Ex VAT)
    £162.64 - £305.24 each (Inc VAT)
    Transform an unloved corner of your garden with this contemporary style Linear Corner Planter. Ideal for box, standards, miniature firs, and any other decorative shrub, this planter is sculptural enough to be admired on its own as well as when filled...

Planting & Composters

Garden planters and wooden compost bins are environmentally friendly, practical, and useful additions to your garden.

What is a planter?

Wooden garden planters make an attractive feature in a garden or landscaping design. They are a great way of growing plants and vegetables if you are short on space or have accessibility needs that require an alternative solution to ground level planting. Growing in a wooden garden planter or garden trough planter not only makes a stunning feature, it also provides good drainage and excellent conditions for plants to thrive in.

Lining your wooden garden planter will prolong its life expectancy by protecting it from direct contact with soil and moisture, which can otherwise cause the timber to rot or split over time.

Wooden Compost Bins

Wooden compost bins are an environmentally friendly way of turning your garden waste and biodegradable food waste such as fruit peel and eggshells into compost. A wooden composter is a useful and attractive item to have in your garden, keeping your compost close by and ready for spreading on plants, flowers, and vegetable plants to encourage growth and improve the soil.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are a distinctive addition to gardens of any size, creating extra space that can be utilised for growing anything from delicious vegetables to pretty flowers. They are the perfect solution if you have a concrete or pebbled garden, but also make a great feature in a grassy area or on the edge of a patio. Raised beds are particularly striking when constructed from timber sleepers, check out our range of timber sleepers online or at your local Howarth branch.

Potting benches

Potting benches are a useful workbench for storing planting equipment and for small gardening jobs such as planting seeds or transferring seedlings. A potting bench will allow you to comfortably work in an upright position. They can be placed outdoors or in a shed for extra shelter.

Cold Frames

Cold frames are low lever timber boxes topped with a glass lid. They are typically used to grow small plants without using artificial heating. The frame helps to protect smaller plants from predators or frost before planting in the garden. The frame creates the ideal conditions for plants to survive in tougher conditions.

For more info on garden planters, wooden compost bins and other useful tools, contact your local Howarth branch or browse our selection online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to line a planter
To start, first choose your location of where you’d like to plant your plants. Ideally you would want somewhere with the right amount of shade and sunshine so your plants will thrive. Once you’ve decided which plants to plant, add your new soil and fertiliser to the planter, making sure to blend them into each other as much as possible. Try not to over water your planter when watering them, as it can sometimes be very easy to over water large planters.
What can I put in planters?
You can use planters for a wide variety of reasons apart from just plants. For example, you can also use planters for indoor use, such as storing things like holiday decorations. They can also be used outside for vegetables and storing small ornaments.
How to plant flowers in large planters
How much compost do I need to fill a planter?
We recommend the potting mix to contain 20-50% compost with higher blends.