Decorative cobbles come in a variety of sizes from 40mm - 90mm. They are much larger than pebbles and are typically used for borders and decorative use


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  • Scottish Cobbles 50-80mm Standard Bag

    Scottish Cobbles 50-80mm Standard Bag

    Scottish Cobbles are brown, cream, and grey ornamental stones that look fantastic in landscaping and water projects. When wet, the stones become rounded and smooth, and they shine.


Garden cobbles are a larger sized decorative aggregate, perfect for in and around water features, and as focal points in a landscaping project.

What are cobbles?

Traditionally, cobbles were used to form the main feature of cobblestone roads and walls. Whilst still used to build roads our most popular decorative cobbles, Scottish Cobbles, are now more commonly seen as a feature in gardens. They are a rounded stone available in a beautiful array of natural colours and hues. Our decorative cobbles range includes Scottish Cobbles that are 50-80mm in size which is a popular size to use for ponds and in rock gardens. We also have Black and White Cobble stones for gardens that are 40-90mm in size. They are available in standard bag sizes which is suitable for basic applications including small rockeries.

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