Decorative chippings are a popular choice to finish your garden. Bring texture and light to your borders, potted plants or driveways. Various sizes and colours available; a popular choice being our cotswold stone chippings.


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  • Marchington Stone White Limestone Loose Chippings 10-20mm Marchington Stone White Limestone Loose Chippings 10-20mm

    Marchington Stone White Limestone Loose Chippings 10-20mm

    Limestone Chippings are white in colour and range in size from 10mm to 20mm when purchased loose. The larger chippings are ideal for driveways and paths, but adding gravel to a concrete mix will assist it to be more durable. This is especially helpful...
  • Green Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag Green Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag

    Green Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag

    Green Chippings are a granite decorative stone that can be used for landscaping and decorative purposes outdoors. Because of their angular design and unique coloration, they are a popular choice. They contrast beautifully with lighter-colored stone.
  • Chippings Bulk Bag Chippings Bulk Bag

    Chippings Bulk Bag

    The Bark Chippings Bulk Bag is a popular choice for children's play areas, because it is of course natural, meaning that it hasn't been treated with any harsh chemicals that could be poisonous and harmful. This means that it is safe to use in your...
  • Red Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag Red Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag

    Red Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag

    £4.49 - £99.99 (Ex VAT)
    £5.39 - £119.99 (Inc VAT)
    20mm red chippings are a warm, colourful aggregate for decorative use. Decorative aggregates can be used in almost any area of your garden. A low maintenance, attractive feature, often chosen to create garden borders, filling in space around plants and...


Decorative chippings are a type of landscaping aggregate that require very little maintenance yet are a low cost, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing feature for an outdoor space. Decorative stone chippings allow you to create a stunning area that is easy to manage – simply lay them in place.

Decorative stone chippings are available in a range of colours, transforming gardens, creating water features, or brightening flower beds, pots, and borders. Stone chippings can be used for larger projects such as driveways and are available in cost-effective bulk bags. Decorative aggregates can increase security for your property as they make a noise when a vehicle or person moves over them.

Our most popular decorative chippings include:

Cotswold chippings
Cotswold stone chippings are naturally sourced from quarries in a cream shades. The colour of Cotswold Chippings darkens slightly when wet but generally retains their light natural colour. With a similar appearance and texture to chalk, they are a popular choice with gardeners as they create a clean and modern finish for borders, flowers, and pathways.

Canterbury Spa
Canterbury Spa Chippings are popular due to the variety of colourings available, from subtle whites and pinks to richer reds. These chippings are commonly used to renovate pebble dashing or as decorative coverage for plants as well as other interesting landscaping projects.

Red Chippings
Red Chippings are a similar colour to red brick and are often a preferred choice for ground cover. Their vibrant red colour makes them a popular choice for brightening landscaping projects. They are also used for driveways and pathways to create a real impact.

Yorkshire Cream
Yorkshire Cream Chippings and Gravel are angular stones made up of irregular shapes and sizes. They are generally a mix of buff and beige colours in neutral hues. Yorkshire chippings are ideal for covering large areas as they complement all gardens and outdoor spaces; including landscaping projects such as pathways and borders.

For more information on decorative garden chippings, pop into your local Howarth branch and our friendly teams will be happy to help.