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Whether you are creating a new build or a renovation project, timber skirting is a practical way of disguising the join between the floor and the wall, as well as protecting the wall from kicks and knocks from shoes, furniture etc. 

Not only is skirting a practical product, it is also an attractive finishing touch that can be used to match your architraves, doors, windows etc. 

We offer a wide range of skirting, most of which are dual, giving you more option for the final appearance of your wall, whilst the side that is placed against the wall includes spacing for wiring and cables to be easily hidden from view. 

Perhaps you are looking for a product that differentiates your home from the crowd. With the latest machining and finishing lines at our disposal, we can help you meet those needs and find a product that is uniquely yours. 

We can provide products that fit most specifications and budgets, including special moulding profiles, stains, oils and lacquered finishes for all option. 

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