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Bricks are now the most popular façade option in the United Kingdom that is typically manufactured from sand, clay, lime, iron oxide and magnesia and has been fired up in a kiln. They are usually installed using mortar to create the brickwork for a building or wall. 

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we carry almost three-quarters of a million bricks at any one time, with a large selection including: 

  • Facing Bricks. Generally chosen for their attractive appearance, these are designed to be seen and as such is used on the external wall of both commercial and domestic properties; 
  • Engineered. These are less porous and stronger than facing and are used in situations where strength is more important than appearance. They are ideal for retaining walls; 
  • Common. Used above and below ground, these are a hardy option that can withstand harsh conditions including freezing temperatures. 

All our bricks are available in a wide variety of types of colours and we offer an excellent brick matching service to help you get the exact ones you need.  

If we do not have the exact ones you require in stock, it will take just 48 hours to source. 

Why use a Brick Matching Service? 

Choosing the right bricks is incredibly important because it is the first thing that people see when they look at the exterior of a building. 

There are many reasons why you might need to use a Brick Matching Service, such as: 

  • Extensions. Perhaps you are building an extension and want the new part to match the existing building so that it blends in nicely and doesn’t look weird 
  • Renovation Work. Sometimes it is necessary to replace them, in the event of damage for example, and repairing a wall with ones that look identical just makes sense 
  • Local Area. Many parts of the UK have materials that are sourced in that specific region and as such, many locals like to use bricks to build homes that are in keeping with the local area  

If our knowledgeable staff are not able to find the right bricks for your project, we will always recommend the closest alternative that we have available. 

For help and advice or to utilise our Brick Matching Service, contact your local branch