EGGER Joint & Joint D4 Adhesive 1kg

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Product Description
EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is a methylene diphenyl isocyanae (MDI) based adhesive which is manufactured to BS EN 204 Class D4. EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is designed for use in bonding board joints, bonding boards to joists and sealing edges of EGGER particleboards. Being an expanding adhesive that is designed to foam out of the board joints, it means it protects against moisture ingress. The application of EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive is an integral part of the installation process of any EGGER Advanced Flooring Boards, Advanced Structural Flooring Boards, and Mechanical fixings if required to be covered as part of our unique Lifetime Guarantee. From 24th August 2023 – There is a legal duty for employers to provide training for employees using any substances containing diisocyanates. When using EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive on your project, the D4 based adhesive should foam out between the joints of each board. Two parallel 5 mm (approx. minimum width) beads of EGGER Joint & Joist. Adhesive should be used per joist to secure the boards. EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive should be applied directly along the shoulder of the tongue and groove of each board. When tightly butted together, the glue should foam out of the surface joint to prevent moisture ingress. Excess adhesive should be left to dry. This will enhance the protection of the joint against moisture ingress. Evidence of the glue should be visible on the underside of the board, in between the board joints and between the board and the joist, once fitted correctly (as per attached image). Whilst evidence of glue should be visible from below, it is not required to be excessive. Any standing water on the surface of the joists should be removed prior to installation. It is essential that the boards are fitted correctly to the joist, the joint is secure (bead of adhesive in the groove and shoulder of the tongue), and that glue is forced up and out of the top surface joint (shoulder of the tongue). The bead of glue applied in the groove of the board will firmly hold the joint in place and will expand out below the joint to protect the underside of the board from moisture ingress.
Features & Benefits
    Adhesive Properties methylene diphenyl isocyanae
    Family D4 Adhesive
    Frost protection Temperature and pressure can, among other factors, impact how much the adhesive will foam out, so some variation is expected.
    Precautionary statement Training is required for substances containing diisocyanates from August 2023
    Shelf Life 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture.
    Suitable application EGGER Advanced Flooring Boards

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