Isover Insulation

What is Isover Insulation?

Isover, a Saint Gobain trademark, is a brand that cares about building better for people and the world by providing sustainable and high-performance insulation solutions for buildings and equipment. Isover is a high-performance mineral wool insulation that comes in two varieties: stone wool and glass wool. Stone wool goods are formed from volcanic rock raw materials and recycled stone wool waste, while glass wool products are generated from sand and recycled glass.

man fitting wool insulation to loft

Isover Metac Mineral Wool Loft Roll Insulation 125mm - 51.84m2 Pallet | Insulation Superstore®

If you need to insulate a partition wall or cavity, Isover insulation provides a large choice of materials that will preserve heat while also providing significant environmental advantages, which many homebuyers will seek for when purchasing a new built house. There are additional Isover acoustic insulation materials available, which are meant to reduce the propagation of noise within a structure.

Spacesaver Loft Rolls

We have a wide range of Isover insulating rolls, including our Isover Spacesaver Loft Rolls, which are a low-density glass mineral roll appropriate for cold roof applications in new construction and restorations. The loft rolls would be installed between ceiling joists with a cold roof design, providing some distinct advantages throughout the winter. The Spacesaver Loft Roll is comprised of up to 86 percent recycled glass, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Spacesaver Loft Rolls are lightweight and easy to install, and they come in a variety of widths and thicknesses to meet your needs.

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Isover Metac Mineral Wool Loft Roll Insulation 125mm - 51.84m2 Pallet | Insulation Superstore®

Acoustic Partition Rolls

The Isover Acoustic Partition Rolls, which provide high levels of acoustic insulation to floors and walls, are also available in our Isover acoustic insulation collection. They may be used in both residential and commercial premises, and British Gypsum guarantees lifetime performance when used in conjunction with a British Gypsum drywall and acoustic floor system. Acoustic partition rolls can also be used as sound insulation, as their partition rolls, like Isover's loft rolls, are made of 86 percent recycled materials and have a global warming potential of less than 5. They have an A1 Euroclass fire rating and a thickness range of up to 100mm.

isover wool insulation rolls stacked against wall

Cavity wall insulation

Our high-quality Isover insulation includes CWS36 cavity wall insulation. The BBA-certified Isover CWS36 series has excellent acoustic and thermal qualities. The CWS36 is meant to be high-end in terms of Isover acoustic insulation, providing a sturdy, resilient solution. It is constructed of glass fibre and may be inserted during construction. The CWS36 is available in a range of widths and pack sizes. They are manufactured with 75% recycled glass.

isover wool insulation roll inside loft

We hope this article has helped you in understanding more about Saint Gobain’s Isover! If you have any further questions about insulation or need further information about the insulation products we sell at Howarth, please visit your local friendly Howarth branch, or contact our customer services on the number 01472 907051.

9th Aug 2022 Emily Green

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