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JB Kind Doors offers a reliable and courteous service that is tailored to your needs at a fair price, whether you want conventional, custom, or made-to-measure interior doors. High-quality wooden doors are at the forefront of modern design, and our personable staff takes pleasure in their professionalism in offering you with variety, choice, and service.

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Door Visualiser

Introducing the first online UK Internal Door Visualiser by JB Kind and Howarth Timber. Our tool allows you to explore a variety of internal doors within different interior settings. Experiment with door styles, wall colors, and floor designs to find your perfect match. Whether you're renovating or designing, our door visualiser is here to inspire and guide you.

How to guides

How to Install an Internal Door

A step-by-step guide including helpful information on how to fit hinges and latches onto your internal door!

Internal Door Fitting Instructions

A collaborated step-by-step guide with XL Joinery giving you hints and tips on how much to trim off internal doors and more.

Understanding Door Construction and Styles - JB Kind

A full informative guide on the terminology surrounding door constructions and styles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of treatment should I use on my door?
The type of door treatment you choose is determined on the result you want. There are several varieties of varnish or paint that are suited for application. We have no preference for any door treatment manufacturer or brand. However, we highly recommend that you use solvent-based treatments that ensure a thorough and complete seal as it is best to avoid using water-based treatments.
Can I use an external door internally?
External timber doors should not be utilised within a structure. External doors are made from timber that has a greater moisture content than timber used within. Exposed quality external doors to arid centrally heated temperatures risk warping or deforming them. They are also thicker than ordinary interior doors and may not fit in standard internal door frames.
How are JB Kind doors constructed?
Throughout our door collections, a variety of materials and construction methods are used. All materials used in JB Kind door manufacturing are wood based, however the majority are 'engineered.' This signifies that the materials were created by combining several raw woods to create composite wooden components. Our doors are frequently made of high-density chipboard, block wood, laminates, and fiberboards. In general, this means that raw materials are managed more efficiently, resulting in increased stability and cost. More information on door terminology and the process of building JB Kind Doors may be found in our article, 'JB Kind Doors - Understanding Door Construction and Styles.'
Can JB Kind doors be modified?
Yes, within reason. We make every effort to give suitable tolerances so that doors may be adjusted to fit certain frames. However, if drastic resizing is necessary, we recommend that you consult us as the long-term stability of your door may be jeopardised if it is adjusted incorrectly. Several of our door lines are available in custom sizes.
Can I see your fire door assessments?
We are delighted to provide the fire door evaluation that is appropriate for your specific needs. Please phone us at 01135 327032 or fill out our online contact form with your details.
Do you sell glazed fire doors?
Yes, many of our door collections provide a glazed fire door option. If you cannot find your desired glazed fire door in our stock choices, we offer a custom door service. Please phone us at 01135 327032 or fill out our online contact form with your details.
Can I choose a different timber veneer?
If you like one of our stock doors but would want it in a different timber veneer or finish, please let us know. many of our door designs are available in different veneers and finishes through our Bespoke door service.
How do I measure up for a door?
On our website, we have a step-by-step guide on how to measure for a new door called Internal Door Fitting Instructions.
What are door ‘finishes’ and which one is right for me?
The finish of a door refers to the surface of the door, and there are three styles to choose from: pre-finished, unfinished, and primed. A pre-finished door will be ready to install and will have a varnish or paint finish. Because of the range of veneers available, if you are considering a wooden door, you truly have a plethora of possibilities. Oak, Walnut, Ash, and Beech are just a few possibilities, or you can choose a modern painted finish. A primed finish is one in which a door has been prepped with an undercoat in preparation for the topcoat finish of your choosing. You could choose to add your own finish to adapt your door to your design. And lastly, unfinished doors are primed and ready to be painted or varnished. One of the benefits of your hard work will be that your door will complement your colour scheme.
How much can a door be reduced by?
Because the construction of each door design differs, it is highly dependent on the unique door. There are also unique laws and regulations governing the alteration of fire doors, since the sort of certification a fire door has influences what changes may be done to it. Please phone our Customer Service at 01135 327032 for more guidance on specific door ranges and models.
Can you give out glass/glazed panel sizes?
If you'd like to compare the size of the glazed panel from one JB Kind door to another, we'd be happy to share these measurements to you to help you decide which door(s) will work best for you, even if we don't provide the dimensions in our brochure. Please phone our Customer Service at 01135 327032 for more information.
Which side is the lock block on?
A lock block is the portion of the door where the lock will be installed. The lock block in our basic core doors with cellular structures is an additional solid piece of wood that may be found on one or both sides of the door, depending on the exact door design. Simply check at the top or bottom of the door for a key/keyhole graphic or the phrase 'Lock' printed on the relevant side to determine where the local block / lock blocks are.
Are your doors available in unusual sizes?
JB Kind can create custom-sized doors for a variety of our product lines. We also offer a Made to Measure service, which you can arrange via our customer service number on 01135 327032 or via an online form.
Can your internal doors be made into a pair / rebated?
Making two of our interior doors into a pair is achievable with all our internal doors. When putting doors into pairs to allow them to open and close, a slight space between them is required to permit the doors to close together nicely. Rebating is the process of closing this little gap by removing a part of each door along opposing sides of the meeting edges, allowing the doors to interlock when closed. Rebating is a procedure that needs ability and experience; thus, we recommend that you seek professional assistance. At JB Kind we offer a rebating service and advise that you check whether your preferred doors are suitable. Pair maker mouldings are offered as an optional extra for most of our doors. A pair maker is a t-shaped moulding that is attached to one door's edge to create a rebated edge.