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Keylite believes that every product manufactured should offer the best in terms of innovation, quality, and value for money. They understand the need of staying proactive in research and development and have successfully developed many new and inventive product developments.
They are Europe's fastest growing roof window manufacturer, offering a comprehensive variety of roof windows, blinds, timber loft ladders, flashings, electric operation kits, and accessories.

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Keylite devote a great deal of thought and effort into making their products the best they can be. They strive to inform and educate their customers on how to use the products in their own home projects and renovations, so they created a wide range of how-to videos as a guide.


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How to Guides

What to consider when purchasing roof windows

A helpful guide featuring some of our most well-known roof window suppliers, Keylite and Velux!

How to choose a loft ladder

A step-by-step article including helpful advice on loft access solutions, materials, and installation.

How to choose the right ladder

A helpful guide written by Howarth that includes four important key elements in being able to pick the perfect ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Keylite Roof Windows come with a guarantee?
All Keylite Roof Windows are made with high-quality materials and workmanship, ensuring years of trouble-free enjoyment. All Keylite Roof Windows also come with a 10-year guarantee.
What size Roof Window do I need for my room?
To ensure enough natural daylighting, we suggest that the daylight area be at least 10% of the floor space. However, raising the ratio to roughly 20% improves the total impact significantly.
Are my Roof Windows secure from the outside?
Where the windows must comply with the security requirements of NHBC Standards, the opening lights can be installed with a key-operated locking system. Ultimately, it is the building designer's responsibility to identify where these standards must be met.
How much space in the roof do I need to leave for a standard Roof Window?
You must leave the window width + 20mm-40mm and the window length + 20mm-40mm. You must also install the top trimmer horizontally and the bottom trimmer vertically.
Why is my roof leaking?
99% of all leaky windows are due to improper installation. The six most frequent installation issues are: • C-Channels are installed incorrectly. • The hood and top apron are not properly joined (slate extension piece is missing). • The frame side flashing is not properly installed under the C-Channels. • The rubber end caps have been removed. • The flashings are not overlapped in the proper order. • The window was installed in a roof with a pitch less than 15°.