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LPD has been in the forefront of manufacturing, importing, and distributing internal and exterior doors for over 40 years. LPD Doors' mission has always been to raise the standard in the UK for high-quality, cutting-edge door design.


Our branches feature a wide range of displays, with LPD Doors being the most well-known and well-observed, notably in Leeds. As an LPD Door stockist, Howarth will work hard to ensure that you find everything you need on LPD Doors.

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LPD Doors - Which Door Should I Buy?

Which door should I buy - a helpful guide listing some of the most popular doors at LPD Doors!

10 Things to Consider when Purchasing Internal Oak Doors

Our how-to guide includes hints + tips to help you find your perfect door!

Internal Door Fitting Instructions

Helpful information and advice on how much to trim off internal doors and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LPD doors made of?
We have the whole line of LPD exterior doors, which includes oak doors as well as GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) doors. Both styles have a variety of significant advantages.
What is an LPD door?
Leeds Plywood Doors Ltd (LPD) has been manufacturing high-quality doors for over 35 years. LPD is devoted to design innovation and is continually searching for ways to enhance its already superb doors, offering a comprehensive variety of internal and outdoor doors. This is evident in the diverse selection of items offered by LPD, with alternatives to suit every taste and style.
What is the difference between unfinished, pre-finished, and primed?
Unfinished- The door requires finishing before being hung and as soon as it has been removed from its packaging. A benefit of this is that it can also be personalised. Pre-finished- the door is ready to hang and will only require finishing if it is trimmed on its edges. However, we can provide a RAL number for this so it can be matched. Primed- We advise to add a final top coat to this door before hanging