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Blocks are generally identified as being a building unit that is similar in composition to brick but is much larger in size. We offer a variety of options, including: 

  • Concrete Blocks are made using cast concrete; this means that they have been manufactured from a mould. They are a popular choice because they are inexpensive, as well as being strong and durable. Dense Concrete Blocks are very adaptable and can be used as part of most projects, both above and below ground. They are particularly useful for building separating walls. 
  • Lightweight Blocks are made from expanded clay aggregate, which has a ceramic exterior and honeycomb centre. The use of expanded clay aggregate helps create a block that offers both thermal and sound insulation; ideal for reducing noise and keeping out extreme weather conditions. 
  • Lightweight Block is also beneficial for construction work, as they are faster, safer and easier to use whilst also still being reliable and strong. 
  • Solid Blocks are particularly dense and are suitable for use below ground level, including within soil that contains aggressive chemicals, such as Sulphate. Due to their nature, it is not possible to paint directly onto a Solid Block, however, if you do wish to paint the blocks, you can add either rendering or plaster. 
  • Hollow Blocks are excellent for structural work, whilst being ideal for structural applications including high-strength retaining walls, external walls, and cavity walls. They are incredibly durable, fire resistant and low maintenance. Plaster or render can be added if you wish to paint them. 
  • Breeze Blocks are a structurally reliable option, with excellent insulation properties. They are sometimes referred to as Cinder Blocks, as they are manufactured from cinder (coal) aggregate.  
  • Foundation Blocks are manufactured from concrete and are popular because they offer insulation, meaning that they are more economically friendly compared to older foundation methods.  
  • Aerated Blocks are lightweight, strong and reliable. They are ideally used as infill for beam and block flooring, whilst being suitable for cavity walls, separating walls, foundations, as well as flanking and partition walls. 

If you require advice and guidance before purchasing block, please contact your local branch.