Additives & Admixtures

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Additives & Admixtures

When making a concrete, there are three core ingredients: 

  • Aggregates 
  • Cement 
  • Water 

Additives and admixtures are the optional extras that are added to create various workability characteristics. Which specific product you choose will depend on what you are looking to achieve overall, with the overall aim being to both improve the physical as well as chemical properties. 

What is the difference between an Additive and an Admixture? 

The chemicals used in both additives and admixtures are the same, and the overall goals of both are also likely to be the same. The difference comes from the actual point in the production of the concrete that the chemical is added. 

If it is added during the manufacturing stage, it is known as an Additive. 

If, however, it is adding during the mixing stage, it is known as an Admixture. 

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