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The handrail forms the top part of your bannister as part of your internal stairs and/or landing, and as the name suggests, is the part that the user holds on to whilst they ascend or descend the staircase. Stair handrails essentially offer support to the user and are particularly useful for young children and those will mobility problems, for example, the elderly. 

We offer a wide range of timber handrail options in both pine and oak that can be purchased to fit your choice of either 32mm or 41mm spindles. Our handrails are also available in heavy duty and light duty alternatives that you can choose depending on how much traffic you anticipate using the handrail on a regular basis.  

The Law and Handrails 

According to Approved Document K, if your staircase is less than one metre wide then you will need to fit a handrail on one side, however, if your stairs are more than one metre wide, a handrail will be required on both sides. A handrail is not required for the bottom two steps of a staircase.  

In domestic situations, the handrail must have a minimum height of 900mm when used in both stairs and landings. Howarth Timber & Building Supplies sell Stair Hand Rails that are available in a range of colours and designs that will perfectly complete your staircase.