Top Soil

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Top Soil

 What is Top Soil?  

Top soil is a dark coloured soil that is typically placed on top of harder soil particularly in flower beds or along garden borders. It is popular amongst gardeners because it is easy to work with and contains organic materials that include nutrients for plants and flowers to grow and thrive. Top Soil is also commonly used as a base for laying turf.  

How is Top Soil different to Potting Soil?  

It is different from potting soil because it is typically used on the ground and is made up of a mixture of compost-like organic materials, as well as ground rock and sand. Potting Soil, on the other hand, is a mix of sawdust-like organic materials with peat moss and is more suitable for plants that will live in containers. Top Soil is commonly used in raised beds when you want to create an area for growing vegetables, but don’t have any ground level area for them.  

How deep should Top Soil be?  

For creating a lawn base, we recommend at least 4 inches (10cm), however, if you want to grow plants, the roots will need more space to grow and thrive in an area with plenty of nutrients, therefore we would recommend using at least 6 inches (15cm).