Summerhouse & Playhouses

Summerhouses and playhouses are great for adding more living room space to your garden. Our summerhouses come with a 10 year guarantee.

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Summerhouse & Playhouses

Summerhouse popularity has increased due to people spending more time in their outdoor spaces, which is excellent for wellbeing. Contemporary summerhouses are a garden building placed in your outdoor space much like a shed. However, whilst sheds are typically used with the practical purpose of storing furniture and equipment; summerhouses are more decorative and usable, ideal for entertaining guests outside your home but on your property. They add more living space outside of the building of your home in an attractive way, wooden summerhouses fit seamlessly in with the natural aesthetics of your garden. Whilst they may be named after the warmest season of the year, summerhouses are incredibly versatile for use all year round.

Popular uses of a summerhouse include:

  • Adding an outside area that can be used to work on a project or hobby
  • Give your children a little freedom in a safe and easy to supervise space
  • A living area for relaxing in closer to nature
  • Entertaining and enjoying more al fresco dining with friends and family

Wooden playhouse
A kids playhouse in the security of your property is a wonderful place to spark the imagination of children. A wooden playhouse allows them to enjoy playing outdoors in a safe space. Garden playhouses are a great way of allowing more independent technology-free play, whilst inspiring their creativity.
For kids playhouses, a good size summerhouse: 8x6 summerhouse

Our summerhouse and playhouses range offers availability in a variety of styles and designs. For further outdoor space solutions, browse our range of log cabins, or for more practical storage requirements check out our garden sheds & storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What paint to use inside a summerhouse?
If the summerhouse is fully insulated and sealed from moisture, emulsion paint can be used. If emulsion cannot be used, we recommended using outdoor garden paint.
Can I put a summerhouse on decking?
Yes, a summerhouse can be placed on decking.
Do I need planning permission for a playhouse?
Most playhouses do not require planning permission.