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Garden Fence Ideas

Check out a selection of projects from our customers for fencing inspiration!

Fencing can be erected for the sole purpose of providing a function, or it can be put-up to add an aesthetically pleasing boundary line. With so many choices available, from fence panels to a picket fence, you have to make the right choice for your space and preferred style. Scroll on for garden fence ideas from our customers and suppliers:

garden fence painted a duck egg blue and fitted on top of a brick wall


a modern painted fence in customer garden


Horizontal fence ideas

Horizontal Fence image created by a customer

C B Joinery

Trellis Fence Ideas and Fence cover up ideas

fence with trellis - town and country gardening services

Town and Country Gardening Services

Natural wood fence ideas

natural wood fence customer image

Town and Country Gardening Services

Garden Fence Paint ideas

garden fence image painted grey, customer photo


Painted Fence

garden fence horizontal panels painted dark grey


Wood Panel in concrete fence posts

wooden fence in concrete posts customer photo

Fence paint and treatment

You can find a variety of options for painting, staining, or treating your fence. These will all provide a different level of protection or depth of colour, therefore selecting the best for your fence can be tricky. We recommend the following based on its versatility and ease of application:

Ronseal fence paint: Ronseal Fence Life+ is a brilliant value, tough and versatile treatment available in 15 beautiful colours. It will protect your fence or shed from the elements and the colour will last for up to five years.

Visit us in branch if you are still unsure, and our friendly team will gladly help you out.


Fence Panels

If you have found yourself asking; where can I find fence panels near me, or what are the options available for fencing near me, head over to our Branch Finder page to identify your nearest branch.


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