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Electric Showers

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Electric Showers are ideal for homes that don’t have a cold water storage tank, as they draw water from your main supply and heat it as it is needed. The water is heated by an element, which is great for on-demand hot water. They are an excellent choice for energy efficiency, as there is no wastage of hot water.

It is important to note that if a cold water tap is turned on whilst someone is using an Electric Shower, the water from the shower is likely to become very hot.

Thermostatic Electric Showers are a commonly popular choice, as they allow you to select what temperature you want the water set at and the water will consistently remain at that temperature, without fear of the water being too hot or too cold.

When choosing the right Electric Shower for your needs and tastes, it should be noted that higher kilowatt ratings will result in better performance of the water flow.