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Radiator Accessories

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We offer a wide range of Radiator Accessories designed to ensure high-quality performance from your radiator system.

Radiator Keys

There are many types of Radiator Keys on the market, however their general purpose is to easily fit, remove and control the cocks and valves of your radiators. This allows you to ensure that you are able to maintain single radiators as well as the system as a whole.

Trapped air is a common problem for radiators, causing cold spots and ultimately reducing how efficient they are able to be. A Radiator Key is one method of removing that air from the system and ensuring high performance.

Air Vents

The Air Vent works in conjunction with the Radiator Key, and are the place where air is released when the system needs bleeding.

Radiator Brackets

Brackets are essential to ensuring that your radiator stays firmly where you want it to be, by attaching it – using brackets – to the wall and/or floor.