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Timber & Sheet Materials

Category Information

Whilst our offering has spread over the years to include an extensive range of building materials, timber remains at the heart of Howarth Timber & Building Supplies. 

Why is timber such a popular choice? 

There are many reasons why timber continues to be a popular choice for a wide range of applications, but some reasons include: 

  • Renewable Resource. Timber, of course, comes from natural resources that are sustainable. This means that forests are maintained to ensure removed trees are replaced. 
  • Recyclable. When a timber product comes to the end of its life, perhaps because it has rotted over a long period of time or is no longer need, it can be recycled into another product, so nothing goes to waste. 
  • Appearance. Timber is an attractive material with character achieved from its colouring and natural grain patterns. 

Our range of timber products includes: 

Sheet Materials. Engineered woods, such as plywood, chipboard, OSB, and MDF, that are suitable for a variety of structural and non-structural applications from flooring and panelling to crates. 

Structural Softwood Carcassing Timber. This slow-grown and strength-graded timber is suitable for structural use including floor joists, roof rafter, and timber framing. 

Roofing Battens. Small sections of sawn treated timber, battens act as the part of your roofing that tiles and shingles are fixed to. 

Mouldings. Often seen as the finishing touches to a room, mouldings include every aspect of the door frame (architrave, casings, and linings), skirting boards, rails, and floorboards. 

Scant & CLS. Both are used in the production of partition walls that are not load-bearing, or as frame panels. They are sometimes used as cavity fillers. 

Fencing. Creates practical boundaries around a property, ensuring that both privacy and security are achieved. Decorative options are also available. 

Decking. A wooden alternative to paving, use this to create an attractive outdoor space for relaxing and socialising. 

PSE. Ideal for applications that require a nice finish, such as furnishing and general construction. 

Sleepers. Available in a variety of finishes including rustic, these can be used to build raised beds or interesting steps in your garden. 

Cladding. Typically placed as an outer layer to a building that is attractive and protects the walls from the elements. They can also be used in interior applications where high levels of moisture are expected, such as bathrooms and poolsides. 

Hardwood. With a range that include cladding and various mouldings, hardwoods are great when you need a timber that is strong, resilient and weather resistant.