Fence Panels & Trellis

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Fence Panels & Trellis

Fence Panels are pre-made fencing that is easy to install and are used to create a border around your property that offers privacy and security. We offer three types of fencing panels: 

  • Lap. Lap fencing panels feature are a cost-effective option that features horizontally-positioned boards. 
  • Feather Edge. A heavy-duty solution, feather edge garden fencing panels are made from vertically placed boards and are ideal for external boundaries where extra strength is important. 
  • Feature. Designed with the intention of having an impact, feature fence panels are an attractive choice when appearance is important. 

Why should I use Trellis? 

  1. Encourage. The purpose of Trellis is typically to encourage the growth of climbing plants and flowers 
  2. Protection. Trellis keeps your creeping plants away from other types, which they could potentially smother and kill as climbing plants tend to dominate other species. 
  3. Controlling. Climbing plants commonly take over areas if left to their own devices, however, Trellis keeps them space to grow in a controlled fashion. 
  4. Decorative. Added to a wall or atop garden fence panels, Trellis is an attractive option that can look great with or without plants growing, allowing you to create stunning feature walls. 

We offer three types of Trellis Panels: 

  • Traditional Trellis. With a simple design, Traditional Trellis features square lattice that can be used to encourage plants to climb and thrive creating stunning freestanding panels. 
  • Fan Trellis. Typically used to encourage climbing plants to grow up walls or fences, Fan Trellis also makes a great addition to a raised bed or planter. 
  • Rosemore Trellis. Ideal for use as a boundary screen, Rosemary Trellis features a flat diamond lattice design that is perfect for climbing plants and flowers to hang on to.