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Fence Panels & Trellis

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Category Information

Garden Fence Panels are pre-made fencing with either vertical or horizontal boards. They are easy to install, taking out a lot of the hard work of fitting the boards individually. At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a wide range of fence panel and trellis options, including:  

  • Double Slatted Fence Panels. Perfect for use as a screen or partition, double slatted fence panels are not only practical, but they are also a distinctive option; ideal if you are looking for something a little different. Unlike most types of fencing, slatted panels can be used without gravel boards.  
  • Lap Fence Panels. Featuring horizontally placed timber boards, a single panel of lap fencing is usually made up of three sections of overlapping boards with a framework around the edges and down the main body to create a sturdy but cost-effective structure.  
  • High Closeboard Panels. An ideal option for boundary fences that look out over public areas, such as footpaths, the height and closed nature of the boards offers excellent privacy.  
  • Feather Edge Fence Panels. Perfect for boundaries, Feather Edge features vertically placed boards with a frame; in some cases, the frame is just across the top whilst other panels feature a full framework to ensure strength.  
  • Heavy Duty Fence Trellis Panels. Fitted to the top of regular fence panels, Trellis is a simple method of adding height to your fence whilst encouraging the growth of climbing plants, which is ideal if security is important to you.  
  • Fence Screen. Combining a double slatted fence panel with trellis, the Fence Screen is an attractive choice that is often chosen to act as a decorative feature.  
  • Rosemore Lattice. A form of trellis that is designed to be fitted to an external wall; this is a simple way of creating a nice feature to the side of a building.  

All our fencing and decorative trellis will have been treated with one of the following:  

  • Dip Treated. This is a surface treatment that involves dipping the timber into an anti-fungal solution. This offers short-term protection and will require ongoing treatments to be applied to ensure it remains protected from rot and decay.  
  • Pressure Treated. This treatment involves the anti-fungal treatment being forced at high pressure so that it penetrates deep into the core of the timber. This means that it won’t require any further treatment through the fence panels lifetime.