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Category Information

The architrave is the visible part of a window or door frame, that is used to cover the transition between a single door or window frame and the wall so that it looks neat whilst enhancing the appearance of the door or window frame.  

Its purpose is decorative rather than structural and is placed over the door casings and linings, which can be purchased separately.  

Our high-quality architrave is available in a variety of profiles, that makes it easier for skirting boards and architraves to be chosen to complement each other: 

  • Bullnose architrave has a rounded top edge;  
  • Chamfered architrave profiles have a cut off at the top to create a mild angle;   
  • Ogee architrave offers a nice curvy design;  
  • Ovolo architrave has a discreet curve at the top;   
  • Torus architrave is like the Ogee, with a curvy profile;   
  • Lambs Tongue has a discreet wave;  
  • Pencil has a slightly rounded edge of the top of the profile;   
  • Square Edge offers a simple style and is the ideal choice if you are looking for something that isn’t fussy.  

Architraves are either primed or unfinished, giving you the freedom to apply the best paint or stain to perfectly match those used in other mouldings or furnishings around the room. This allows you to create consistency: 

Primed MDF Architrave made from Medium Density Fibreboard is primed and ready if you want to paint your architrave, for a clean finish without any knots that are common in woods.   

Redwood is a softwood that could be chosen if you want to apply a stain finish or if you want the option to sand it down in the future, for example, if you want to change the colour.