Planed Square Edge (PSE) whitewood, also known as planed all round (PAR) is easy to machine and its hygroscopic and insulation properties assist in building.  

PSE whitewood can be used in construction, furniture, and joinery applications. 

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies have a Door Casing range that is manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship. Door Casings are made from American White Oak and are supplied unfinished, enabling you to use any finish to match your own personal preference of colour and sheen. 

Maybe you want a product that differentiates your home from the crowd. With the latest machining and finishing lines at our disposal, we can help you meet those needs and find a product that is uniquely yours. 

We can provide products that fit most specifications and budgets, including special moulding profiles, stains, oils and lacquered finishes for all option. 

For further information please contact your local branch for details.