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Category Information

PSE stands for Planed Square Edge timber and is sometimes referred to as PAR (Planed All Round), because all surfaces and edges are planed to a smooth finish.  

The alternative to PSE is rough sawn timber. 

The PSE available from Howarth Timber & Building Supplies is manufactured from either redwood or whitewood. It is suitable for a wide range of joinery applications where appearance is important and/or when a clean finish is required, for example, construction work or furniture building.  

PSE Timber is naturally easy to work with and machine, and is supplied unfinished, allowing you to finish the timber with your choice of stain, oil or lacquer finish. 

Whitewood or Redwood? 

Whitewood and Redwood are not technical terms but instead relate to the type of tree that the wood has been sourced from. As such, choosing which one to use for your PSE timber is generally done to personal preference. 

Whitewood is a fast-growing spruce that is native to wetter parts of the world. Due to the speed that it grows, whitewood has a wide grain and is light. 

Redwood, on the other hand, is most commonly derived from pine which is native to cooler parts of the world. Compared to Whitewood, Redwood looks neater. 

Why do PSE products have two sizes? 

Due to the nature of PSE, all PSE timbers come with two sizes: 

The first size listed is the nominal size, whilst the second is the finished size; this second one is the size that you will receive.  

Nominal relates to the rough sawn and unprocessed dimensions of timber as it is cut, graded and kiln dried in a mill. 

The finished size relates to the timber that has been machined (this involves a series of sharp cutters revolving at high speeds over the timber), shaving it down to a smooth and more uniform dimension, that is more attractive.