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What is MDF? 

Medium Density Fibreboard is constructed of tiny strands of hardwoods and softwoods that are mixed together with resins and wax. The size of the strands determines the type of board that is created. For example, small pieces of wood will create particleboard, whilst if larger amounts of heat and pressure are applied, a hardboard is created. 

MDF has a surface that is consistently smooth making it ideal if you are looking for something that you will be able to paint. This also makes the board easy to cut to size, as necessary, particularly if you want to create designs that are intricate. 

What is MDF used for? 

MDF is a popular choice for creating furniture, perhaps because it won’t expand and contract like timber that would otherwise be used. MDF often feature a veneer that resembles the surface of timber. 

It can also be used in flooring, internal wall linings, as well as general joinery projects.