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TG Chipboard

Category Information

What is Chipboard?  

Chipboard sheets are an engineered material that is closely related to other sheet materials such as plywood, OSB and MDF. It is constructed from tiny timber strips that are mixed with a resin to create a timber alternative that is versatile and reliable.  

What is it used for?  

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies offers a wide range of tongue and groove chipboard. A common use is creating a solid base layer for a final flooring, such as vinyl, laminate, engineered timber or solid wood. However, it is also commonly used when wanting to create a cost-effective board-based flooring in an area where appearances aren’t important, for example, a loft space that you are using for storage.  

It can also be used as a work surface or as the carcass for kitchen cupboards, whilst veneered chipboard is often used to building furniture.  


There are different grades of chipboard available, the main ones that we offer are 

P1 is the standard general-purpose grade that is often used in basic building work and joinery  

P5 is a structural grade that is moisture resistant, making it a top choice for chipboard flooring.  


Chipboard is easy to work with. It cuts easily, which is ideal if you need to trim the sheet material to fit around an awkward area such as stairs or cupboards. It can also be used with a variety of fixing types including screws, nails, and adhesives. 

All four sides of the chipboard are tongue and grooved, allowing each piece to securely interlock to create a stable connection that won’t move. This helps to prevent the flooring from squeaking when walked over. However, if you do experience squeaking, this can be reduced by applying an adhesive into the tongue and groove.