TG Chipboard

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TG Chipboard

What is chipboard? 

Chipboard is an engineered material that is constructed of millions of tiny timber strips that are mixed with a resin to create an alternative to timber that is consistent, reliable and versatile. 

What is Chipboard used for? 

Suitable for use in both new builds and existing properties, TG Chipboard creates a solid base layer for a final floor covering, whether that be a laminate, vinyl, solid wood or engineered timber flooring. It is also suitable for creating a board-based floor in an existing loft space. 

Chipboard flooring is resistant against both fire and moisture, whilst offering excellent strength which allows it to meet standards that are required for use in areas of humidity, as set out in BS EN312. As such, it is suitable for use in areas of the home that are susceptible to moisture, including condensation such as kitchen and bathrooms. 

The benefits of choosing T&G Chipboard  

  • Cost Effective. As an engineered product, Chipboard flooring is a much more cost-effective solution to timber alternatives such as plywood. 
  • Easy to Work With. Chipboard cuts easily, making it ideal if you need to trim the sheet material to fit around an awkward area such as stairs or cupboards. It is also suitable for a range of fixing types from screws and nails and adhesives. 
  • Squeak-Proof. All four sides of the chipboard are tongue and grooved, allowing each piece to securely interlock to create a stable connection that shouldn’t move. Movement can be further reduced by applying an adhesive to the tongue and groove, which in turn will help to prevent the floor from squeaking.