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Cleaning & Preparation

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At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer an expansive collection includes Decorative Accessories including Cleaning Accessories such as Gun Cleaner, Brick & Mortar Cleaner and Multi-Surface Algae Remover.

Gun Cleaner is suitable for cleaning guns that use polyurethane foam. It works by dissolving the foam, so as to remove it easily.

Brick and Mortar Cleaner is used to both clean and protect bricks, using a product that is safe to use and won’t damage the brickwork. Suitable for use on brick and tile, the Cleaner works to remove dirt, grime, and lime scale etc.

Multi-Surface Algae Remover is a fast-acting product that is designed to remove algae from surfaces without the need for scrubbing, and the products acts within 48 hours. This Remover does not contain any harmful substances, making it environmentally friendly.