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Category Information

Modern Adhesives come in a variety of forms, such as Glue, Cement and Paste. They are typically used to bond two surfaces permanently together. The finishing result being a bond that is strong, reliable and durable.

Types of Adhesive:

There are many different types of Adhesive that can bond most surfaces, and are used in a wide variety of applications within many industries. The most commonly used, include:

Synthetic Resin – Suitable for woodwork, Synthetic Resins are ideal because they create a strong bond that is resistant against water, making it ideal for areas that are likely to endure moisture or rainfall.

Epoxy Resin – A waterproof adhesive, Epoxy Resin is commonly used to bond a wide range of applications including Plastics, as well as metal-based products such as Electrical peripherals.

Contact Adhesive – Suitable for use with a variety of materials including fabric and polystyrene.

Acrylic Cement – Ideal for bonding some types of plastic, particularly Acrylic. The Cement works by literally melting the plastic, allowing the two plastic surfaces to blend into one another.


Wood, Paper & Fibre Adhesive – A highly versatile Adhesive, this is ideal for bonding together a wide range of applications from packaging to woodwork. It is popular because it is non-toxic, is easy to use and clean if needed.