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Albany has been constructing sheds and timber garden structures for the trade for almost 30 years, since it was established in 1984. They currently operate from two contemporary production sites that use cutting-edge technologies and technology. They employ over 60 employees and manufacture hundreds of sheds every year, supplying over 75 trade clients around the country. Albany offers a broad and diverse variety of garden sheds and buildings to offer their customers, highlighting that there is a shed for everyone, no matter what. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I price & purchase an Albany Shed or Summerhouse?
Most of the buildings may now be priced and purchased online using the Albany Shed Designer. Additionally, as a dealer, we can assist you in selecting the finest shed for your needs from our vast selection.
What are the sheds treated with?
We apply a foundation layer of water-based Albany Brown treatment where treatment is required.
Why aren't the sheds tanalised?
We believe that tanalised or pressure treated sheds are frequently portrayed as being maintenance-free, while in our opinion, the best and only correct way to preserve a shed in excellent shape is to apply a regular layer of treatment. Although pressure treatment is required for timber that will be placed in the ground, many in the shed industry feel that it can cause greater shrinkage and cracking than would otherwise occur. If left untreated, any tanalised shed would quickly become an eyesore, appearing drab and unkempt; it will also be more prone to leak in rainy conditions.
Do you use chipboard on floors and roofs?
We use tongue and groove boards, with the exception of the Cottage, which has solid close-boarded timber.
How long will delivery take?
Delivery times vary based on the season, so please order ahead of time. Please also allow more time during the spring and summer months; your shop will advise you on the approximate lead time.
Will my shed come with felt?
Yes, we provide felt, glass, fixings, trimmings, and other components as required.
Can you assemble my shed?
As a merchant, we can offer assembly service.
What do I need to put the shed on to?
To support the shed floor, you'll need a sturdy, flat, level base.
How often do I have to treat my shed?
If the shed was factory treated, we recommend re-treating it within 6 months and then yearly after that. If left untreated, it must be treated as soon as possible. Some models' hardwood doors and windows should be treated as soon as possible with a high-quality solution, such as a Sadolin product.
What should I use to treat my shed?
As previously stated, Sadolin provides certain high-quality materials that we recommend for wooden doors and windows but may also be used throughout the shed. We do not recommend clear therapy.
Can you make a shed to my requirements?
Some models are customisable. We've included information on various choices on each product page, but if you don't find what you're looking for, you may contact us to discuss some options, or you can construct your own using the Shed Designer. We are unable to provide made-to-order unusually shaped constructions.
Are the cladding and framing sizes quoted the finished size after machining?
: Yes, we often quote sizes before machining, so it is important to check.
Which way will the floor joists run on my shed?
It varies according on size and model. Floor plans are available on this page, but if it is important, please double-check and mention on the order that they must correspond to the specified direction, as they are subject to change.
Do you use Redwood or Whitewood?
We use both, but only of a specific grade and from sustainable sources.
Will I need planning permission?
Larger / higher buildings may require planning approval depending on size and location; please check with your local council if uncertain. If required, we may be able to lower some structures to avoid the need for planning approval. It is the customer's obligation to determine whether or not planning is necessary.