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Category Information

Lintels are structural supports that are placed horizontally across the span of a window or door frame. They are used because the opening creates a weakness making the wall vulnerable. Therefore, using lintels builds strength whilst adding load-bearing properties.  

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies we offer a range of steel and prestressed lintel options that are suitable for various domestic, industrial and commercial applications. 

What is the difference between steel and concrete lintels? 

The biggest difference, for many people, is the cost. Concrete is a substantially cheaper choice than its steel alternative. However, it’s important to take other factors into account; besides cost; before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the best product for your needs. 

Steel is naturally stronger than concrete, whilst being easier to work with, as they have a lighter weight. However, some higher strength prestressed concrete lintels can offer more support than steel. 

If you are working in a coastal area, the salt that natural lingers in the air can cause steel lintels to corrode whereas concrete is resistant to this. 


Prestressed lintels are the preferred option for underground applications, as galvanised steel tends to be weakened by moisture with a high likelihood of rust occurring.  

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