Plastering Tools

Plastering tools include numerous types of hand tools like plastic and metal floats, lines, scratching posts, taping knives, hawks and much more. Everything you need to complete the job!

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Plastering Tools

Plastering tools are available from Howarth, we have a wide range of tools, fixings, and accessories including a wide selection of hand tools. These include plastic and metal floats, lines, scratching posts, taping knives, hawks, and much more. A recommended brand often used by a large range of our customers is Ox Plastering Tools, which are specifically designed with the plasterer in mind, therefore making it a much easier experience.

Plastering has always been a vital part of wall and ceiling preparation, as they serve many purposes throughout the process of plastering.

Plastering tools are needed to mix the plaster, store it, retrieve the plaster from the bucket, hold the plaster whilst applying it, application, such as smoothing the plaster, repairing any cracks and/or holes in the plaster itself.

For further information and expert advice regarding which plastering tools to purchase, please contact your friendly local Howarth branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need for plastering?
The top tools you’ll need for plastering are: a plastering trowel, a steel taping knife, a joint knife, and a small trowel and square.
How to clean plastering tools?
To clean plastering tools, soak the tools in water overnight. Then, add baking soda to the water to help lift the dry plaster off the tools to make it easier for you to clean.