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Internal Doors

Traditionally used to create an occasional barrier between rooms, whilst creating privacy, internal doors have also taken up the role of helping to create a specific appearance to a home. As a result, there are a few things to consider before choosing your new internal wooden doors. 

With a wide range of internal doors available, a great place to start is by thinking about the grain and/or appearance that you are looking for; 

Oak Veneered Doors are perfect for most scenarios, whether you are looking for a traditional style or a contemporary one. In a wide range of styles from the ever-popular classics, to the super stylish modern, you are guaranteed to find the door to suit your home. 

White Internal Doors are a great choice if you are looking for something a little different that is perfect for the contemporary home whilst being pocket-friendly. 

We offer a range of White Internal Doors that are stylish and offer a “clean” look. Available in both Glazed and Panelled styles.  

Need to meet building regulations? You should consider purchasing Internal Fire Doors. We are members of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Certifire Fire Door Scheme, therefore all our branches have staff who will be able to provide both guidance and best practice advice. 

All Howarth Timber internal fire doors have a 30 minutes fire rating (FD30) and are available in a range of different size options, as well as many designs that will look fabulous in modern and period homes alike. In addition to traditional off-the-peg solutions, we are also able to provide one-hour fire-rated doors, door sets, and other specialist services. Many of our most popular door ranges include a fire door option which is great if you are looking to match your fire doors with the rest of the doors used in your property. 

We have a variety of internal fire doors that offer extra security and protection, including: 

  • Interior Plywood Flush Fire Doors 
  • MDF Faced Paint Grade 
  • Moulded Panels 
  • Veneered 
  • Shaker Style 

When privacy isn't an issue, you may want to think about a glazed internal door? The main benefit of a glazed door is that they can really help to circulate natural light, after all, which is excellent if you have dark hallways. Windows can also give the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. If you need a little privacy, you may want to consider choosing a door with obscure glass. 

When space is limited in your home, Concealed Sliding Doors are the perfect solution. Built into the construction of an internal wall, the concealed door slides along a fitted rail at the top, hiding inside the wall when opened, and filling the door frame from closed.  

Concealed Sliding Doors are also great if you want to create an open plan living space, without permanently losing your walls, and giving you the option to close areas of your home off when you need to. 

Most of our wooden internal door ranges include a range of options, including pre-finished, unfinished, ready-to-paint, semi-solid and hollow cored.  We sell a wide range of paints, stain, and preservatives to create the perfect finished look, whilst prolonging the lifespan of your door, whilst our ironmongery gives you the option to create the perfect aesthetics for your home.  

Want to fit your door quickly? Why not take a look at our huge range of ironmongery products such as door handles, locks and hinges and including the innovative Jigtech range. 

Confused about internal doors? Not sure which ones to buy? Your nearest branch will be more than happy to help.