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Category Information

Which internal ironmongery to choose? 

There's a lot of factors that you will want to think about when choosing the right internal door handles for your property, but here are a few questions that will help: 

  1. What kind of property do you have? Is it modern or traditional? Do you want to keep that, or are you looking to mix things up? 
  2. Which doors have you chosen? Which handles will match their style? What needs do the doors have? If they are in a thoroughfare, they may need push plates and pull handles. 
  3. What ironmongery material do you use around the rest of the building? Is it brass? Polished chrome? 
  4. Do you want something simple, or something with a bit of detailing? 

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies offer a great selection of internal ironmongery to suits different types of doors, including: 

  • Bathroom locks 
  • Hinges 
  • Door packs 
  • Indicator bolts 
  • Push plates and pull handles 
  • Kick plates 

Fire Door Accessories are different to the ones used with standard doors, as Fire Doors have different needs and requirements that they must adhere to by law for safety purposes. Despite Building Regulations setting out what is required, it is alarming to realise how many Fire Doors do not have hinges and other accessories that comply satisfactorily to these regulations. 

The problem is that it is quite common for convenience to be placed over safety, meaning that fire doors are left open and parts are removed or altered to allow the doors to open more easily. 
Fire Doors must have a Door Closer to ensure that they are always kept closed. The correct hinges, door handles, latches etc should be used to guarantee that they work in unison with the door to create an effective barrier against fire. 

Internal Catches are most commonly used for wardrobes, cupboard and cabinet doors that do not have a full handle and latch system like main doors. Instead, they tend to be lighter with a handle that is typically part of the door. The catch keeps the door closed, whilst easily releasing it again when you pull on the door. There are a variety of different catches currently on the market, however, the most common types use either a ball or roller that moves easily when the door is opened or closed. Another popular option is the magnetic catch that secures into place when two magnets meet each other, but easily pulls apart when necessary. 

Hooks are a simple but practical piece of internal ironmongery that can be easily fitted to either wall spaces or doors typically to hang items of clothing. 

Used internally, Bolts offer additional security to doors. They are particularly useful for backdoors, as well as bedroom doors in shared accommodation, including student housing. 

Bolts are typically operated from the inside of the door, perhaps in addition to a conventional lock. They are sold in two parts, with the main part – with the bolt - fixing to the edge of the door; the bolt slides across into the second part that is fixed into the door frame. 

This locks the door and because it cannot be opened from the outside, it cannot be tampered with. Indicator Bolts are often used for bathroom or cubicle doors to show when it is in use and when it is vacant.