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Tools & Garden Care

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Gardens, by nature, require a large amount of maintenance. However, taking care of your lawn, plants, paving, and decking ensures that your garden remains a great part of your home that looks fantastic. The is important because your garden should feel like somewhere that you want to spend time.  

Garden tools are a key part of ensuring that you keep on top of all those gardening tasks that need doing. Some of the tools we have on offer include: 

Landtex Landscape Fabrics. Used to keep weeds at bay, this fabric is ideal for use in any area where plants are prone to thrive, including rockeries and scree beds that require good drainage.  

Hose. Keep your plants and grass healthy and hydrated, particularly during dry periods.  

Wheelbarrows allow you to easily move materials around from soil to aggregates and even larger planters.  

Pressure washers are a fast, effective and easy way to clean your patio, decking or garden furniture.  

We offer a wide range of gardening tools to help your outdoor space to thrive.