Nail Punches & Staple Guns

Nail punches and staple guns are used for building work, traditionally for flooring or panelling. Available from your local branch and collection in 1 hour.


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  • Faithfull Square Head Nail Punch

    Faithfull Square Head Nail Punch

    Nail punch with a square head which provides a larger striking area and stops the punch rolling off the bench. Accurately hardened and tempered with a precision formed concave tip for better nail contact. It is designed to drive nail heads below the...
  • Tacker Staple Gun Tacker Staple Gun

    Tacker Staple Gun

    This heavy-duty tacker gun has an all steel construction with hardened steel working parts and jam resistant mechanism with a durable chrome finish. It has an easy squeeze double leverage operation and a visual staple refill window and over 50 years of...

Nail Punches & Staple Guns

Nail Punches are used to punch nails, tacks, pins etc into a material such as wood or metal. Used with a hammer, it is designed to hold something together whilst other work is carried out, or for decorative purposes, to create patterns on metalwork for example.

A centre punch could be used to mark the centre of an area, which helps to pinpoint where to drill holes, whereas pins can hold wood in place before adhesives are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nail punch used for in woodwork?
Nail punches are metal rods which have a small blunt edge which is placed on a nail while the back of the punch is struck with a hammer to drive the nail below the timbers surface.