Build a Garden Structure

Building your own garden structure is easier than you may think and so rewarding.

Deciding where you would like you garden structure to be located is a big decision. To make the most of your structure, ensure that it is in a fit for purpose location. For example, if you would like to have electricity and running water inside, it needs to be positioned close enough to a source of electricity or water. Also be mindful of any overhanging trees or roofs etc and allow yourself enough space around the finished design to be able to access all areas for maintenance or repair needs.

Check with your local planning department to find out if you need planning permission for your garden structure. Most common garden structures do not usually require planning permission however it does depend on the size and location of your planned design.

How to build a garden shed

Step 1: Base

  • Measure out and clear a perfectly level space
  • Create a solid base from your choice of:
    Plastic panels, Trex composite joists, concrete blocks, or paving stones (pictured)


Step 2: Base Frame

  • Lay a dampproof membrane over your foundation to prevent moisture from rising
  • Lay C16 or C24 as base joists on top of your DPM
  • Insulate from the base by laying Celotex insulation boards between the joists
  • Overlay the joists with Cabershield Weatherdeck Board, Trex Composite Decking, Arbordeck or 18mm OSB board

Step 3: Framing and walls

  • Build your stud wall framing using 50mm x75mm CLS / Scant (or 47mm x 50mm / 47mm x 75mm treated)
  • Affix Geotexile Framing Membrane to the outer face for extra weather protection
  • Board the outer face walls with either sheathing plywood or treated cladding e.g. 19mm x 125mm / 150mm treated shiplap, 25mm x 100mm loglap. If budget allows, consider a thermal cedar cladding or composite cladding
  • Use timber scant to frame windows and door openings. Bi-fold doors are a beautiful option, and both PVC or timber joinery work very well for window and door frames
  • Optional additional flooring if not using decking – vinyl flooring or laminate flooring


Step 4: Roofing

  • Create your roof frame using CLS, C16 or C24 timber sections (47mm x 75mm or 47mm x 100mm)
  • Use OSB boards or chipboard for the roof’s sheet materials
  • Use Cure It GRP waterproofing system or a DPM, before covering with a high-quality roof felt or cedar roofing shingles


Step 5: Things to consider if you will spend time inside your build

  • Insulate between stud walls using Celotex or Rockwool
  • Overlay insulation with plasterboard or PIR insulated bonded plasterboard 
  • Favourite cladding choices include shiplap, loglap and PGTV
  • You may want to paint or stain the cladding, or apply a coat of UV inhibitor to retain the freshly finished look of your beautiful new garden building


Building your own garden structure and DIY isn’t for everyone! We also stock garden buildings and storage

For more inspiration, check out this brilliant garden shed built by one of our talented customers (project pictures featured above).

3rd Dec 2021 Gemma Whitehead

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