As a supplier, Howarth has a responsibility to our customers to support them from the moment they order online or in store, to the moment they bring the products home and start their landscaping project, whether it be decking, paving, or otherwise. We work alongside the customer to create their ideal outdoor space, all while using a trusted blend of high-quality products and expertise that you can rely on.

As a result, in this article, we'll look at a recent landscaping job that Howarth provided materials for, showcasing how easy it can be to build the perfect deck.

A person using decking joists to fit a deck using a screw driver.

Howarth Timber

The Plan

When the customer contacted Howarth, their aim was to fill an unused space in their garden with something that would not only be beneficial for during the hot summer months but would also be an eye-catching addition to their overall garden space. They also noted that this empty space provided the best sunlight, which is especially essential during the summer when the sun is at its hottest.

A landscape picture of an empty back garden which has been dug out for a deck to be installed.

Howarth Timber

The staff at the Wakefield branch went above and beyond to assist them with their product selection as they were initially torn between timber and composite decking. However, the branch staff took pride in advising them of the advantages and disadvantages of both, ultimately leaving the decision entirely up to the customer and what they felt was best.

This is something we at Howarth take pride in: our employees are not only really welcoming and friendly, but also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to providing helpful advice.

And as a result, the team at the Wakefield branch embarked on a plan to create a beautiful garden deck for this customer, so that their landscaping dreams can finally come true.

The Project

As a result, a plan was put together to have the deck delivered and built in time for the start of summer. The Howarth team delivered all the materials, and the customer noted how thorough the delivery process was, as well as how well the driver could deliver everything safely in such a narrow and often difficult-to-access area of their garden. Once the materials, decking frame and joists were delivered, it was time to begin building the deck.

A man over seeing the delivery process of the decking materials being delivered to a customers home.

Howarth Timber

Throughout the assembly phase, the client commented on how she liked the appearance of the screws being concealed within the decking base, which was due to the builder's use of the CAMO tool to fit the decking boards together. The CAMO tool is a Howarth classic and is quite popular for decking installation, particularly if you want a clean and smooth appearance. If you're interested in learning more about the CAMO decking tool, you can read more about it here.

And during the project's completion, the customer was highly delighted with the general efficiency and organisation of the project.

The CAMO deck tool, which is a common Howarth tool used to conceal screws within the deck boards, creating a seamless finish.

Howarth Timber

The Result

Finally, the job was done, and as you can see from the picture, it was well worth the wait! A very spacious deck built in an ideal location to soak up the sun, and all the materials were provided by our fantastic Howarth staff at the Wakefield branch.

The completed deck within the home, supplied completely by Howarth Timber and Building Supplies.

Howarth Timber

The client is delighted with the finished product, especially since they were able to get all the materials they needed from one of our Howarth branches. This just goes to show that we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop, as we provide a wide range of building materials and timber products for any sort of project, and all in one place..

Likewise, the Garden and Landscaping category on our Inspiration & Advice page is full of other helpful decking guides, ranging from how to build a deck, how to build a raised deck, and Decking: An Ultimate Guide.

And if you're wanting further inspiration when it comes to an upcoming decking project, we have an incredibly helpful decking inspiration page on our site as well.

You can also explore our wide range of both timber and composite decking on our website here, and you can even visit us in branch for more information.

And if you have any further questions on decking, or you would just like to know some further information about the products we sell at Howarth, please visit your local friendly Howarth branch, or contact our customer services on the number 01472 907051

27th Feb 2024 Emily Green

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