Fencing at Howarth Timber comes in a wide range of different treatments, styles and sizes. We offer fencing panels, featheredge boards, fence posts, gravel boards, rails and pailings. Garden trellis is also a great way to decorate your garden. Our fence panels come premade with either vertical or horizontal panels and are easy to install in any garden.

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The Garden Fence is a common part of many properties, however, it’s not always obvious which one is right for your needs. Some of the most common needs that you might want to think about include: 

Security. Security is incredibly important when choosing the best option for a boundary and when it comes to fencing, the taller is generally considered to be better. The tallest we sell at Howarth Timber & Building Supplies is 6ft, however, trellis adds extra height as well as causing problems for anyone attempting to scale it, particularly if you have plants growing through it. 

Privacy. Another important factor, you might want to create extra privacy between your property and a neighbouring building or if your home has a public footpath or field running alongside it. In this situation, you want to choose boards or panels that are fitted without gaps. If you want to add extra privacy, climbing plants are a great investment. 

Weather Conditions. At times, the weather is a problem for most people in the UK. Low temperatures can cause brittleness in some types of fencing and in some situations, warping can occur. A lot of sunlight may gradually fade the colour of your fence and strong winds can knock panels over. 

Nevertheless, a good line of fencing can be useful if you live in a “wind tunnel”, as it can act as a windbreaker. It should be noted that traditional fence boards are much easier to replace than a full panel, which is something to bear in mind.  

At Howarth, we offer a wide range of fencing products, including: 

  • Fence Panels. These can feature either horizontal or vertical planks and are ready-made; designed to easily slot into fence posts. 

  • Fence Boards. Purchased individually, these are used alongside posts and rails to create a long and continuous fence 

  • Trellis. Used either decoratively or to encourage climbing plants, trellis fixes to the top of your fence panels although free-standing alternatives are also available to create focal points and/or place against walls. 

  • Gravel Boards. Placed at the foot of your fencing, gravel boards help protect the wood from rising moisture and preventing rot from occurring. 

Most fencing is dip-treated, meaning that treatment will need to be regularly applied to ensure the wood remains resistant to rot and decay.  

You won’t usually need to apply for planning permission for your garden fence unless any of the following relate to your project: 

  • Your new fence will be more than 2 metres tall. This reduces to 1 metre if the fencing adjoins with either a road or a footpath. 

  • You reside in a development that has an open plan design, in which case you will need to check if the common guidance for fencing are overridden by conditions 

  • Your property has listed status 

  • A property that you share a boundary with has listed status 

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